Below are a list of some of the best addons to use on gamepad while playing The Elder Scrolls Online on PC. This list is updated regularly and is as much for me as it is for anyone else who may find their way here.


These addons either kept controllers in mind when being made or do not require any special gamepad attention.

  • IsJusta Beam Me Up Gamepad Plugin – This extension is a must have alongside BeamMeUp, which offers zero controller support. Clean access to the menu in the map screen lets you quickly teleport around Tamriel for free. Additionally the addon author is responsive to bug reports and is likely the most recognizable controller addon developer.
  • IsJusta Gamepad Inventory Update – Adds dynamic categories, junk marking, and other quality of life options to the gamepad inventory. I could not function without this.
  • IsJusta Gamepad UI Visibility Helper – My primary need from this is to force using the keyboard telvar and infamy meter, because that one can more easily be moved around with other addons to where I want it. It also, and primarily, allows your chat window to slide into view when using controller UI elements that usually block it.
  • IsJusta Utility Radial Menu Cancel Option – Adds a cancel option to all categories of the radial menus we love. No setup or UI is needed. Avoid being forced to activate anything.
  • ESO-HUB – This is a Tamriel Trade Center replacement for me. It has native controller support that is good. Additionally, when I used both side-by-side, it often suggested higher prices and its 14-day history of sales backed up this suggestion. The addon requires a small bit of extra effort. Not currently on ESOUI/Minion (As of may 15th, 2024), you need to install it through their own ESO-HUB client. When I inquired, its creator said that one benefit is that Minion only allows downloads while this client allows uploads so that more users are contributing data. This way, in the two way sync, people aren’t just getting the price tables without contributing. When asked about how active the client is, its creator informed me the queue at the time had 100k listings and sales to process within the last hour.
  • CBookFontStylist with Font Viewer – This addon lets you choose the appearance of books. That may seem like an odd inclusion, but there is a good reason. The controller UI adjusts books and how they are presented in way of size and text formatting. A lot of poetry exists in Tamriel and it often shows in nonsense ways because lines are broken differently. This fixed that so that you can enjoy the work as you were meant to. Simply use the default settings to keep things as they should be.


These addons work decently on gamepad, and will not force you to use keyboard and mouse, but they lack polish or consideration in some area.


These addons may have no to poor controller support for their UI elements. I am not going through the trouble of linking to each of them.

  • Tamriel Trade Center – With no native controller UI elements, it makes it very hard to recommend this popular addon for someone who wants to keep their hands off the keyboard. Plus, as a Linux user, there is no easy way of using the desktop client.
  • Postmaster Mail – A solid addon but only for keyboard and mouse users. The addon does not offer controller support.