A Friend on the Inside

Since 2014, I have played exclusively argonians and have no intention of changing. Khajiiti have come close but, while I respect heir laid back lifestyle and abundance of substances, the marshes and dark places of Murkmire have always felt at home for my light adverse soul.

Elder Scrolls Online just added a new premium home to its shop. Nestled away in Blackwood, Willowpond Haven is stunning for several reasons. Just look at it. The rain, the hanging trees, a central body of water, and in the back is a cave! I love caves!

A problem has arisen though. See, when you exit the home it is through a gate that leads down a wooden path built into the side of a mountain. It is also beautiful!

Greeting me was an Argonian vessel, which jumped me across a lovely body of water between it and my home. No going down the path, and most importantly, no swimming to reach the mainland. Why would they do this to me? My amphibian passive is supposed to shine here, a reminder of having made the right choice. Anyone else who would get this home was supposed to feel the weight of their inferior non-aquatic bodies. My moment, our moment, stolen.

The upset filled me with curiosity. In what state was at the front of the home that they would not allow us to flaunt our swimming prowess to all others? I had to see it for myself and so I did what I do, I swam. I passed by the wreckage of an old shack with a Wispmother guarding it, a wonderful natural barrier, and arrived at a dock. Not a ramp in sight to enter though.

Then I saw it. Not indicated anywhere on the map and muted in the mixture of brown woods. A ladder. A second way in.

There is an argonian ally in ZeniMax Online Studios. While I may never see the swaths of those smooth and furry forced to swim from-and-to Willowpond, I know now that there is an ally on the inside.

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