Whiskers & Banditry: Our Story

Verse and Vermin is geek-centric take on entertainment with a conscience for bettering the world around us. Below is a little about each of us who write here and links to our various places.


Editor-In-Chief-Vermin, Content Director

I have always had an urge to write. Early on, I had written game reviews for pop-up websites, cut a couple of alternate trailers for some Xbox 360 games, published a few poems (with many more rejected), and written some pretty bad stories a little too similar to tales from Warhammer and Lord of the Rings. I never felt an absolute need to turn writing into a career, but I did get upset at having no control over platforms coming and going and so I decided to create Verse and Vermin in October of 2023.

This blog is where I share my inspirations and pour out my thoughts, which is good because I forget things as quickly as I think them. Nothing here is singularly focused and so the ingredients are diverse. If my distilled word soup of video and tabletop games, movies, books, and the broader world piques your interest, then please stay tuned. I assure you that I’ll be generous with the portions.

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Editor, Not-A-Bird

Hi! I’m Realeo! I like laundry-scented candles, haunted houses, Mardi Gras parades, the sound of Bob Ross’s voice, LED lights, and an assortment of other things. I’m happy to be here talking with myself–and perhaps with you.

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