Updated: May 15th, 2024

How to Use this List

These are not sorted into daily and weekly because there is overlap. The best way to navigate this page is with CTRL + F on your keyboard then search for your endeavor.


Kill world boss
If you have ranged capabilities, Trapjaw’s Cove in Glenumbra is an easy take-down. This world boss, at the top right of the map, mostly uses three powerful abilities that can be dodged. Expect a straight charge, dispensing multiple moving electrical telegraphs, and an occasional tail whip. Melee can still handle this boss but be sure to keep rotating behind to avoid the charge and tail whip, and you can easily see when Trapjaw is about to do its electrical attack.

Kill wild or domestic animals
In Auridon, go to the Windy Glade Wayshrine on the left-bottom side of the map, just above Vulkhel Guard. Right above it is Monkey’s Rest. You will also get bananas and white meat. Other animals are abundant all over the world though, so finding squirrels, rabbits, deer, and other critters shouldn’t be too hard. This one just happens to be well grouped up and unguarded.

Collect Pure Water Springs or Alchemical Plants
You can collect water springs or alchemical plants, but you can also collect the pouches of water around the world. Also it doesn’t really need to be “pure” as you can collect the oil-water in Clockwork where they are pretty common.

Kill Reptiles

If you try to kill Argonians, shame on you (they do not count). Head to Shadowfen and look for alit, giant snakes, and crocodiles. I found a lot of success on the south west side of the map but they are all over the zone.

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