Just a Reminder that Crown Crates are Garbage

I usually do so well to avoid crates. The last time I bought big into crates was the in 2019 when Xanmeer Crates were available. Well, here I am again, a sucker once more for Xanmeer Crates. I cannot even believe you can get a Craglorn Welwa four times in a row. Meanwhile I have only gotten a single ouchie-plant out of the three available. So there is not much to this post, just a reminder that Crown Crates are a scam. If I could, I would just pay some stupid number annually to know I can get what I want. I am not adverse to paying to support the game, but it would be nice to not feel like I have been fleeced so often. As of now, I only stick my head out every handful of years to learn my lesson again.

Well played, ZoS.

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