Chills and Thrills: My Spooky Movies

Picking movies to match the season becomes most essential to me during October, with December a modest second. So I present to you my movies as either Reese’s or Peeps. Are they rich with something delicious in the middle or are they a travesty of all sweet and no substance? Read ahead for spoiler free thoughts.

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is Directed by Drew Goddard and produced by persona non grata, Joss Whedon, with shared writing credits between both. It is a flick that almost did not get released and when it did it was years late. Yet this film has garnered a cult following for its unique take on meeting genre tropes and poking fun at them. At times things get dark, but overall it is a masterful balance that makes college-kids-going-on-vacation actually fun. Hold tight in the final 20 minutes, because it is a roller coaster.

The casting is also great, with a special nod from me to Fran Kranz as the stoner friend, Marty. It is hard to not want to name off a bunch of the cast, Like Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford as Sitterson and Hadley, because I think a lot of the films strength rests in its dialogue. If the movie did anything, it made me miss Whedon’s writing. It is a shame that people mostly know him artistically for his blunders and even more so that he has not shown any sign of appreciating why people have been upset with him personally.

The person aside, this film is one I have seen before and I suspect I will see it many more times in the years to come.

This movie is a Reese’s.

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