Using This List: Caution and Responsibility

Like this website in general, this list is tailored for myself. The links could be useful to you but the web is wild and I take no responsibility for what each may do. I use various safety extensions on my browser so the experience I have may not match your own.

General Website Links

  • APKPure – Get Androind APK files for sideloading. Just note that they have had issues before where a malicious app may be removed from the regular android store but still available here for a time.
  • Does The Dog Die? – Trigger tracker for shows, movies, and books.
  • HowLongToBeat – How long will it take to finish a game?
  • LibreWolf Browser – A custom and independent version of Firefox, with the primary goals of privacy, security and user freedom.
  • Linux Mint – A community driven Linux operating system. It was my first and I still have a lot of love for it.
  • PCPartPicker – Compare prices and compatibility for computer components.

Firefox/LibreWolf Extension Links

  • ClearURLs – Automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy when browsing through the Internet.
  • Dark Reader – Browse the web in dark mode. As of now they claim to collect no personal data or browsing history but may eventually collect browser information, display settings, and filter settings with no identifiable info.
  • DeArrow – Alters YouTube titles and thumbnails to provide better accuracy and eliminate clickbait elements. You can get it free if you wait something like 24 hours but I find paying a dollar to be a reasonable ask.
  • uBlock Origin – Content blocker, built with efficiency in mind. Only ethical sites get whitelisted by myself as a lot of content on the web has become malicious and hard to track.

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