The Elder Scrolls Online: Fauns in Peril

The colorful landscape of Galen and the fauns that fill it brought me joy at first sight. Reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and visiting Ohio has instilled an instinctual desire in me to want to make friends with all fauns.

Fauns dancing in Galen.

Sadly, the fauns until this point had not seemed keen on the idea. They dance, but never extended an invitation. In fact, they were downright hostile. I doubted I would ever meet a faun friend, but then I found two striking individuals.

Druid Edaen needed my help planting seeds that would grow berries to ward off wolves that had begun attacking a tribe of fauns. The fauns would eat these berries and the wolves would find their prey no longer desirable. I accepted the quest, Fauns in Peril. Mohair, the faun with Edaen, was the smallest faun I had seen. It turns out that Mohair, due to a misunderstanding, is the last living member of his tribe and now travels with Edaen. In fact, Mohair led the druid to this place with keen faun senses for danger. plot-magic

Entering Fauns’ Thicket, I first found a book very fitting for this website. A Lissome Spirit, by Nynelle Dumaris, Poet of Galen. Poetry!

In assessing the landscape and creatures within, I quickly found a young faun being attacked by a wolf. Edaen had told me that the wolves had lost an easy food source and so worked their way next to the fauns. I wondered what she, someone who follows the green, would expect the wolves to do after they can no longer survive off of the faun. What creature is deemed edible?

I found my first patch of dirt with good soil and planted the seeds. Enchanted by green magic and plot, the berry plant immediately grew. Mohair and Edaen appeared, Mohair dancing as I was encouraged to plant more seeds elsewhere.

Our next patch of healthy soil was guarded by a colossal spriggan. Edaen had said nothing of these creatures also harassing the fauns, yet this one was actively stomping on one repeatedly. I too copy paste sometimes in my homework, so no judgement. I made short work of the giantess and grew my next batch of berries.

On the path to the final patch of berries, I encountered two fauns, one dancing and the other playing a flute, and these two allowed me to dance with them! Finally, the connection I had hoped for. I danced and behold, there was an achievement for doing so! Huzzah!

With personal goals met, I felt ready to plant my final berry seeds. I passed through a cave, fought off large insects along the way, and arrived at another clutch of fauns being threatened. This time the enemy was Bahltur, a bear-like ursauk. I quickly dispatched the threatening creature and, in what I have learned to be faun reaction to most things, there was much dancing.

I did find it odd that Bahltur had markings on its body, it made me think this could be someone shape shifted but I had no proof of that and so I met the last leg of my journey.

Not far from Bahltur, I actually passed it once and had to loop back around, was the final patch of good soil. I planted my berries and once more Edaen and Mohair showed up. I began to wonder why Edaen did not simply plant the seeds themselves. Edaen asked that I meet them outside where we first met, and so off I went.

Outside Edaen thanked me for balancing the ecosystem of both faun and wolves, and so I guess the wolves were not an afterthought in this. As for the future, both Edaen and Mohair are going to travel together and try to spread knowledge about the fauns. Before leaving though, Edaen suggested Mohair say one final goodbye to the other fauns of this tribe. As Edaen knelt, I tried to capture a picture of the occasion but alas, Mohair was too quick with excitement. I have recreated the image to the best of my abilities.

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