Adding Steam Games to the Menu Editor in KDE Plasma

I recently made the switch from Linux Mint to Fedora KDE. I loved Mint, but my gaming has gotten a lot better since the move. In my time with Mint, I figured out how to add Steam games to the menu but I forgot to store this information before making the move. After figuring it out all over again, I am saving that knowledge here for myself.

This feels almost too short to be a post but I had a very difficult time finding this information here it is.

The Secret Sauce

“run com.valvesoftware.Steam steam://rungameid/306130”

What to Do

Replace the ID of The Elder Scrolls Online (306130) with whatever your games ID is. You can find the ID of games at or by going to the official steam website and looking at the URL for a number in your search bar. You will need to set your own icon. I have had luck with for finding icons of games with transparent backgrounds. I keep all my custom icons, wallpapers, etc in a folder in my home directory but find your own place you prefer storing these.


If you stumble across this page, let me know how it went. If I am doing this in an odd way, you can help make it better.

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